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A conserved developmental program for sensory organ formation in Drosophila melanogaster
Different sensory organs, such the eye and ear, are widely thought to have separate origins, guided by distinct organ-specific factors that direct all aspects of their development. Previous studiesExpand
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Correlation of diversity of leg morphology in Gryllus bimaculatus (cricket) with divergence in dpp expression pattern during leg development.
Insects can be grouped into mainly two categories, holometabolous and hemimetabolous, according to the extent of their morphological change during metamorphosis. The three thoracic legs, for example,Expand
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Robust specification of sensory neurons by dual functions of charlatan, a Drosophila NRSF/REST‐like repressor of extramacrochaetae and hairy
Sensory bristle formation in Drosophila is a well‐characterized system for studying sensory organ development at the molecular level. The master proneural genes of the achaete‐scute (ac‐sc) complex,Expand
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