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Checklist of the Argentine Agaricales 7. Cortinariaceae and Entolomataceae
A checklist of species belonging to the families Cortinariaceae and Entolomataceae was made for Argentina, with the most important being Cortinarius (240 species), Galerina (51), Entoloma (39) and Inocybe (40). Expand
Checklist of the Argentine Agaricales 5. Agaricaceae
A checklist of species belonging to the family Agaricaceae (Agaricomycetes) in Argentina is provided. The list includes all species published up to 2011. Of the 13 genera and 171 species represented,Expand
Checklist of the Argentine Agaricales 2. Coprinaceae and Strophariaceae
A checklist of species belonging to the families Coprinaceae and Strophariaceae was made for Argentina. The list includes all species published till year 2011. Twenty-one genera and 251 species wereExpand
Considerations and consequences of allowing DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxa
It is concluded that the acceptance of DNA sequences alone as types of names of taxa, under the terms used in the current proposals, is unnecessary and would not solve the problem of naming putative taxa known only from DNA sequences in a scientifically defensible way. Expand
Studies of Neotropical tree pathogens in Moniliophthora: a new species, M. mayarum, and new combinations for Crinipellis ticoi and C. brasiliensis.
A new species and two new combinations of parasitic species are proposed into Moniliophthora to support a hypothesis of a primarily biotrophic/parasitic habit within this genus. Expand
Mycena moconensis, a new species in section Polyadelphia from Argentina
A new agaric species, Mycena moconensis, is described from Paranaense Rain Forest, Argentina. This species is characterized by small bicoloured basidiomata with yellow to orange yellow or goldenExpand
Lichenomphalia altoandina, a new species of Hygrophoraceae from the Chilean Altiplano
A phylogenetic study based on nuclear rDNA ITS and partial 28S sequences shows that L. altoandina belongs to the Protolichenomphalia clade and is sister to an unknown lineage, L. aff. Expand
First record of Macrocybe titans (Tricholomataceae, Basidiomycota) in Argentina
This research presents a novel and scalable approach called “Smart grids” that allows for real-time analysis of the response of the Response of the immune system to natural disasters. Expand
Pho liota oblita , new species in sect. Adiposae stirps Subflammans (Strophariaceae, Agaricomycetes), from the Argentinean Yungas
The species was found in the southern end of the Yungas Forest, a cloud forest located on the eastern slopes of the sub-Andean mountains, and it is believed that it could be an endemic species. Expand