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Moment tensor inversion of near source seismograms
We constructed a program set for estimating moment tensor solutions using near source seismograms. We take the effect of the source time function into account, which has been neglected in predominantExpand
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Source process of the 12 May 2008 Wenchuan, China, earthquake determined by waveform inversion of teleseismic body waves with a data covariance matrix
We have estimated the spatio-temporal slip distribution of the 12 May, 2008, Wenchuan earthquake from teleseismic P-wave data. Teleseismic body wave observations are useful geophysical observationsExpand
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Development of an analytical method for the determination of betaines in higher plants by capillary electrophoresis at low pH.
In recent years the role of betaines in higher plants has been extensively investigated in relation to environmental stress response. This paper reports the establishment of a simple, rapid andExpand
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Self-assembly of a cavitand-based capsule by dynamic boronic ester formation.
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Guest-encapsulation properties of a self-assembled capsule by dynamic boronic ester bonds.
Two molecules of tetrakis(dihydroxyboryl)-cavitand 1a as an aromatic cavity and four molecules of 1,2-bis(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)ethane 2 as an equatorial linker self-assemble into capsule 3a via theExpand
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Self-assembled boronic ester cavitand capsule as a photosensitizer and a guard nanocontainer against photochemical reactions of 2,6-diacetoxyanthracene.
The optical properties of 2,6-diacetoxyanthracene 4 encapsulated in the self-assembled boronic ester cavitand capsule 3 in C(6)H(6) are described. Upon excitation at 285 nm, the encapsulated 4 showedExpand
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Dynamics of photosensitized formation of singlet oxygen by porous silicon in aqueous solution
Generation of singlet oxygen due to energy transfer from photoexcited silicon nanocrystals in D2O is demonstrated. It is shown that the singlet oxygen generation efficiency, i.e., the intensity ofExpand
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New national and regional bryophyte records, 41
Dicranum spurium has been recorded for the first time in Croatia. In neighbouring countries it is known from Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro (Cortini Pedrotti, 1992 ;Expand
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Analytical Chemistry for Advanced Technologies. Determination of 3-dimethylsulfoniopropionate in marine algae by low-pH capillary electrophoresis.
ジメチルスルホニオプロピオン酸塩 (DMSP) は主に海洋中の植物プランクトンや微藻類に含まれ, 硫化ジメチル (DMS) の前駆物質として海洋を中心とする地球規模の硫黄循環に大きくかかわっている. 本研究では, このDMSPの合成・分解系の実態を調べるため, 緑藻1種, 紅藻2種を対象に, 高分離能を持つキャピラリー電気泳動法によるDMSPの分析を行った. その結果, 海藻の抽出液については,Expand
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