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The Water Bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha) of the Guyana Region
This book is intended for two very different categories of readers: specialists in aquatic Heteroptera and the non-specialist fieldworker or amateur.
The Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Bugs (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha & Gerromorpha) of Malesia
This volume deals with the Heteroptera aquatica, or water bugs, known from Malesia, a region holding almost 1000 species belonging to seventeen families, and provides information on their taxonomy, morphology, biology, distribution and economic importance.
Evolution of endemism on a young tropical mountain
This investigation of the evolutionary routes to endemism on the 4,095-metre-high Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, East Malaysia finds that most of its unique biodiversity is younger than the mountain itself, and comprises a mix of immigrant pre-adapted lineages and descendants from local lowland ancestors, although substantial shifts from lower to higher vegetation zones in this latter group were rare.
Gerridae of Suriname and the Amazon with additional records of other neotropical species
The material studied was collected by Dr. P. H. van Doesburg Jr. during his stay in Surinam and by various workers during investigations sponsored by the “Max-Planck-Institut fur Limnologie, Abt.
– This is the third guide to the aquatic Heteroptera of Singapore and West Malaysia, dealing with the families Pleidae and Notonectidae. Pleidae are represented by one genus comprising two widespread
Sixteen New Species of Nepomorpha (Heteroptera) Mainly from Sulawesi (Indonesia)
Measurements are in mm and are based on five specimens of each sex taken from the sample containing the holotype (if available). They are represented as the range of the sample with the sample mean
Records of south american Notonectidae mainly from the Amazon-region
The material on which this publication is based has been collected for the greater part during investigations sponsored by the “Max-Planck Institut fur Limnologie, Abt. Tropenokologie”, at Plon
A new Neosigara from Colombia with a key to species and ecological notes (Heteroptera: Corixidae)
A key to males of all six species of the genus Neosigara diagnoses of adults and notes on the ecology, eggs and fifth instar larvae of the five Colombian species ofThe genus and Orocorixa makrocheira Nieser and Padilla, which is often found together with NeosIGara spp.
Hydrometridae of Suriname and the Amazon, with additional records of other neotropical species (Hemiptera – Heteroptera)
This study is based on material collected by Dr. P. H. van Doesburg Jr. in Suriname and by other workers during investigations sponsored by the “Max-Planck-Institut fur Limnologie, Abt.
Notes on Antillean Notonectidae
Since the publication on Notonectidae of the Antilles (NIESER 1967), the author received various Notonectidae for identification. Material from the region considered here (Antilles, Central and N.