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Comprehensive study on space-vector-PWM and carrier-based-PWM correlation in multilevel invertors
The paper presents a theoretical analysis of the correlation between carrier-based unipolar PWM (CPWM) and space-vector PWM (SVPWM) for the entire modulation-index range of multilevel invertors,Expand
Two-mode overmodulation in two-level voltage source inverter using principle control between limit trajectories
  • N. Nhờ, M. Youn
  • Mathematics
  • The Fifth International Conference on Power…
  • 17 November 2003
A two-mode overmodulation in two-level VSI using the control principle between limit trajectories is presented. The control principle between limit trajectories is used to ensure linear modulationExpand
The development of artificial neural network space vector PWM and diagnostic controller for voltage source inverter
This paper presents the development of neural-network-based controller of space vector modulation (ANN-SVPWM) for voltage-source inverters (VSI). This ANN-SVPWM controller completely covers theExpand
Carrier PWM algorithm with optimised switching loss for three-phase four-leg multilevel inverters
A novel approach to analyse a four-leg multilevel inverter as a model of two simple inverters in series is presented and a carrier-based SVPWM method is proposed. To obtain the optimised switchingExpand
Control of induction motor using IMC approach
The paper presents a method for controlling induction motor using internal model control (IMC) approach. The forward and inverse models are nonlinear in the rotor flux coordinate. Simulation resultsExpand
Carrier PWM algorithm for multileg multilevel inverter
  • N. Nhờ, H. Lee
  • Computer Science
  • European Conference on Power Electronics and…
  • 1 September 2007
This paper presents a universal carrier based PWM method for multileg multilevel inverter on consideration of unbalanced dc voltage sources. Expand
Generalized Carrier PWM Algorithms For Multilevel Inverters With Unbalanced DC Voltages
This paper presents generalized carrier PWM algorithms for balancing load voltages for multilevel inverters while dc-voltage sources are unbalanced or oscillating. Expand
A Graphical Approach to Switching Losses and Harmonics Distortion For Carrier SVPWM Methods In Multilevel Inverters
  • N. Nhờ
  • Mathematics
  • International Conference on Power Electronics and…
  • 28 November 2005
This paper presents a simple graphical approach to compare the switching losses of various carrier SVPWM methods for multilevel inverters. Similarly, the harmonic distortion factors can be indirectlyExpand
Novel On-Line Step Pulse PWM Algorithm For Cascade Multilevel Inverters
An on-line step pulse PWM method, which is advantageous for its simple algorithm, capable for entire modulation range and generalized characteristics for any level inverter. Expand
A novel carrier based PWM method in three phase four wire inverters
This paper presents a new carrier based PWM method to control the three phase four wire inverters. An equivalent circuit model of two-level inverter has been proposed, presenting a redundancyExpand