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Inhibition of lipoprotein lipolysis by polyarginine and evaluation of the mechanism of its interaction with lipoprotein lipase
: It was found that polyarginine (Mr 40 000-60 000) is a strong inhibitor of the lipoprotein lipase activity in vivo and in vitro. The inhibitory effect in vivo was observed after a singleExpand
Lipids and the lipoprotein spectrum of blood in men engaged in intensive mental activity
The revealed peculiarities of the lipid metabolism combined with the characteristics of the lipoprotein serum spectrum permitted to demonstrate the prevalence of Type IV hyperlipoproteinemia in 27% of those with diagnosed ischaemic heart disease, in 19.4% of Those with the above pathology suspected, and in 18% of practically healthy individuals. Expand
Blood plasma lipolytic enzymes in experimental hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis in rabbits
In rabbits with experimental atherosclerosis, just as in intact animals, however, the lipolytic activity of post-heparin blood plasma is almost entirely due to lipoproteinlipase. Expand
Triglyceride lipase from the rabbit liver
Unlike the rabbit blood plasma the high-activity triglyceride lipase which does not require a protein cofactor and is resistant to 1 M of NaCl has been revealed in the liver of this animal. RapidExpand