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Computational haptics: the sandpaper system for synthesizing texture for a force-feedback display
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Program in Media Arts & Sciences, 1995. Expand
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The architecture machine
The Architecture Machine must be aided by very personalized computer systems, idiosyncratic systems, capable of handling ambiguities, incosistencies, and the vagaries indigenous to design thinking. Expand
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Power regimes are dictated by constraints such as battery life, heat emission and environmental issues. I would like to add a new one, rarely considered, but increasingly important: "Human Power".Expand
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Being Digital
From the Publisher: Being Digital decodes the mysteries and debunks the hype surrounding bandwidth, multimedia, virtual reality, and the Internet. It forecasts technologies that will make yourExpand
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Soft Architecture Machines
This book is an offspring of Negroponte's "The Architecture Machine, " published by The MIT Press in 1970. As is usually the case where computer systems are involved, the new generation is severalExpand
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El mundo digital
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Agents: from direct manipulation to delegation
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The Architecture Machine: Toward a More Human Environment
The use of computers to aid the architectural designer and urban planner is already beyond the experimental stage and part of the workaday routine of many professionals. There are, for example,Expand
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Recent advances in sketch recognition
  • N. Negroponte
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  • AFIPS National Computer Conference
  • 4 June 1973
In a shocking and almost silly interview with Max Jacobson, Christopher Alexander recounted the following story. "There was a conference which I was invited to a few months ago where computerExpand
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Residual Votes Attributable to Technology: An Assessment of the Reliability of Existing Voting Equipment
American elections are conducted using a hodge-podge of different voting technologies: paper ballots, lever machines, punch cards, optically scanned ballots, and electronic machines. And theExpand
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