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Goldberger-Treiman discrepancy
The Golberger- Treiman discrepancy is related to the asymptotic behaviour of the pionic form factor of the nucleon obtained from baryonic QCD sum rules. The result is .015<=Delta_{GT}<=.022
The electromagnetic mass difference of pions from asymptotic QCD
AbstractWe show how the asymptotic behaviour of an analytic amplitude can yield information on the amplitude at small space-like momenta. Applying this to QCD two-point functions, we are able to
Up- and down-quark masses from finite-energy QCD sum rules to five loops
The up- and down-quark masses are determined from an optimized QCD finite-energy sum rule involving the correlator of axial-vector divergences, to five-loop order in perturbative QCD, and including
Strange quark mass from finite energy QCD sum rules to five loops
The strange quark mass is determined from a new QCD Finite Energy Sum Rule (FESR) optimized to reduce considerably the systematic uncertainties arising from the hadronic resonance sector. As a
Anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, a hybrid approach
A new QCD sum rule determination of the leading order hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, $a_{\mu}^{\rm hvp}$, is proposed. This approach combines
A QCD calculation of the pion-nucleon sigma-term
We present the results of a QCD sum rule calculation of the pion-nucleon sigma-term. Depending on the uncertain value of the four quark condensate we obtain σ=10...40 MeV.