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Operative indications and neuroendoscopic management of symptomatic cysts of the septum pellucidum
ObjectiveSince there is no current consensus on the diagnostic standards or surgical indications for symptomatic cysts of the septum pellucidum (CSP), we presented our experience treating such casesExpand
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Monofocal acute inflammatory demyelination manifesting as open ring sign. Case report.
A 48-year-old woman with a history of viral influenza infection was admitted with rapidly progressive numbness and weakness of the right extremities. On admission, general physical examinationExpand
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A case of radiologically multicentric but genetically identical multiple glioblastomas
Surgery was performed in a 65-year-old male patient with malignant gliomas at two locations in the left and right cerebral hemispheres that showed no apparent continuity in imaging studies. SlightExpand
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The clinical diagnosis of idiopathic dilatation of the pulmonary artery (IDPA) has, until recently, been difficult to differentiate from other diseases associated with pulmonary artery dilatation.Expand
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Surface rendering-based virtual intraventricular endoscopy: Retrospective feasibility study and comparison to volume rendering-based approach
OBJECTIVE Virtual endoscopic simulations using volume rendering (VR) have been proposed as a tool for training and understanding intraventricular anatomy. It is not known whether surface renderingExpand
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Primary pulmonary amyloidosis with multiple nodules.
A 61-year old asymptomatic woman had a five-year history of pulmonary nodular lesions on routine radiographs. She underwent open lung biopsy, which revealed nodular lesions in the lungs and thickenedExpand
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Two cases of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome resembling brainstem glioma
A brainstem glioma is often the initially suspected diagnosis hen a diffuse abnormal signal is found localized in the brainstem n magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An appropriate differentialExpand
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Combined Transpetrosal Approach With Preservation of Superior Petrosal Vein Drainage for a Cerebellopontine Angle Epidermoid Cyst Extending Into Meckel's Cave: 3-Dimensional Operative Video.
The combined transpetrosal approach enables wide exposure around the petroclival region by cutting the tentorium and superior petrosal sinus. We often choose this approach for removal of tumorsExpand
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