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First report ofColletotrichum acutatum andC. gloeosporioides causing leaf spots of olives (Olea europaea) in Australia
We report the occurrence ofColletotrichum acutatum andC. gloeosporioides on leaves of olives (Olea europaea) for the first time in Australia.
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Root infection of Vitis vinifera by Cylindrocarpon liriodendri in Australia
Cylindrocarpon liriodendri was isolated from the roots of diseased own-rooted grapevines (Vitis vinifera cv. Pinot Noir) from the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Sequencing of theExpand
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Variation in Phomopsis recorded on grapevine in Australia and its taxonomic and biological implications
Phomopsis viticola is the cause of cane and leaf blight of grapevines. We examined 63 isolates obtained from a survey of 50 vineyards in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western AustraliaExpand
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Evidence of early flower infection in olives (Olea europaea) byColletotrichum acutatum andC. gloeosporioides causing anthracnose disease
New evidence is provided for early asymptomatic infection of flowers of olive varieties Barnea and Manzanillo byColletotrichum acutatum andC. gloeosporioides. Asymptomatic infection of olive flowersExpand
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The role of polyphenolic antioxidants in health, disease, and aging.
Polyphenolic antioxidants from dietary sources are frequently a topic of interest due to widespread scientific agreement that they may help lower the incidence of certain cancers, cardiovascular andExpand
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Effect of vitamin A supplementation to mother and infant on morbidity in infancy.
OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of Vitamin A supplementation to the mother soon after delivery and to the infant at six months on morbidity in infancy. DESIGN Randomized double blind placeboExpand
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Species of Pestalotiopsis and related genera occurring on grapevines in Australia
Descriptions of several appendage-bearing coelomycetes such as Pestalotiopsis and related genera occurring on grapevines in Australia are given. Species isolated included Pestalotiopsis uvicola, P.Expand
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The Spiti Ordovician-Silurian Succession
Classic pin valley section in Spiti (Himachal Pradesh) India, has been re-examined and formal stratigraphic nomenclature in terms of the Lower Paleozoic succession of Spiti is proposed.
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Fungi Associated with Bunch Rot of Grapes in the Hunter Valley
Botrytis cinerea was isolated from apparently healthy and surface-sterilized grape Vitis vinifera L. flowers and berries. It appears that style and stigma could be the major sites of infection inExpand
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