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Effective theories for dark matter nucleon scattering
A bstractWe reformulate the calculation of the dark matter-nucleon scattering cross sections based on the method of effective field theories. We assume that the scatterings are induced by theExpand
Gluon contribution to dark matter direct detection
In this article we have calculated the spin-independent cross section of nucleon-dark matter scattering process at loop level, which is relevant to dark matter direct detection. Paying particularExpand
Higgsino dark matter in high-scale supersymmetry
A bstractWe study a supersymmetric (SUSY) Standard Model in which a Higgsino is light enough to be dark matter, while the other SUSY particles are much heavier than the weak scale. We carefully treatExpand
Direct detection of electroweak-interacting dark matter
Assuming that the lightest neutral component in an SU(2)L gauge multiplet is the main ingredient of dark matter in the universe, we calculate the elastic scattering cross section of the dark matterExpand
Decoupling can revive minimal supersymmetric SU(5)
A bstractWe revisit proton decay via the color-triplet Higgs multiplets in the minimal supersymmetric grand unified model with heavy sfermions. Although the model has been believed to be excluded dueExpand
Reevaluation of Neutron Electric Dipole Moment with QCD Sum Rules
We study the neutron electric dipole moment in the presence of the CP-violating operators up to the dimension five in terms of the QCD sum rules. It is found that the OPE calculation is robust whenExpand
QCD effects on direct detection of wino dark matter
A bstractWe complete the calculation of the wino-nucleon scattering cross section up to the next-to-leading order in αs. We assume that the other sparticles are decoupled and wino interacts with theExpand
A Visible QCD Axion from an Enlarged Color Group
We consider the possibility of an enlarged QCD color group, SU(3+$N^\prime$) spontaneously broken to SU(3)$_c\times$SU($N^\prime$) with extra vector-like quarks transforming in the fundamentalExpand
A complete calculation for direct detection of Wino dark matter
Abstract In the anomaly-mediated supersymmetry (SUSY) breaking scenario, neutral gaugino of SU ( 2 ) L multiplet, Wino, can be the lightest SUSY particle and become a candidate for dark matter. WeExpand
Low-scale D -term inflation and the relaxion mechanism
We present a dynamical cosmological solution that simultaneously accounts for the early inflationary stage of the Universe and solves the supersymmetric little hierarchy problem via the relaxionExpand