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Doping a Mott insulator: Physics of high-temperature superconductivity
This article reviews the physics of high-temperature superconductors from the point of view of the doping of a Mott insulator. The basic electronic structure of cuprates is reviewed, emphasizing theExpand
Anomalous hall effect
We present a review of experimental and theoretical studies of the anomalous Hall effect (AHE), focusing on recent developments that have provided a more complete framework for understanding thisExpand
Topological properties and dynamics of magnetic skyrmions.
From this description, potential applications of skyrmions as information carriers in magnetic information storage and processing devices are envisaged. Expand
Real-space observation of a two-dimensional skyrmion crystal
Real-space imaging of a two-dimensional skyrmion lattice in a thin film of Fe0.5Co 0.5Si using Lorentz transmission electron microscopy reveals a controlled nanometre-scale spin topology, which may be useful in observing unconventional magneto-transport effects. Expand
Giant Rashba-type spin splitting in bulk BiTeI.
The finding of a huge spin-orbit interaction effect in a polar semiconductor composed of heavy elements, BiTeI, where the bulk carriers are ruled by large Rashba-likespin splitting is described, confirming that the spin splitting is indeed derived from bulk atomic configurations. Expand
Classification of stable three-dimensional Dirac semimetals with nontrivial topology.
A general framework to classify stable 3D Dirac SMs in systems having the time-reversal, inversion and uniaxial rotational symmetries is proposed and it is shown that there are two distinct classes of DiracSMs. Expand
Theory of the thermal Hall effect in quantum magnets.
A theory of the thermal Hall effect in insulating quantum magnets, where the heat current is totally carried by charge-neutral objects such as magnons and spinons, offers a clear experimental method to prove the existence of the deconfined spinons via a thermal transport phenomenon. Expand
Abrupt onset of a second energy gap at the superconducting transition of underdoped Bi2212
Underdoped high-Tc superconducting copper oxides is found to have a gap that opens at Tc and has a canonical (BCS-like) temperature dependence accompanied by the appearance of the so-called Bogoliubov quasi-particles, a classical signature of superconductivity. Expand
Emergent phenomena at oxide interfaces.
Recent technical advances in the atomic-scale synthesis of oxide heterostructures have provided a fertile new ground for creating novel states at their interfaces, with characteristic feature is the reconstruction of the charge, spin and orbital states at interfaces on the nanometre scale. Expand
Spin current and magnetoelectric effect in noncollinear magnets.
A new mechanism of the magnetoelectric effect based on the spin supercurrent is theoretically presented in terms of a microscopic electronic model for noncollinear magnets and applications to the spiral spin structure and the gauge theoretical interpretation are discussed. Expand