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Influence of organic loading rate on membrane fouling in membrane separation activated sludge process
A Laboratory-scale experiment was conducted to investigate the influence of organic loading rate to a reactor on the bio fouling in a membrane separation activated sludge system. A flat-sheet-type
[Effects of E-3123, a new protease inhibitor, on several protease activities and on experimental acute pancreatitis].
The results show that E-3123 may possess suppressing effects on pathogenesis and development of acute pancreatitis and in dogs with pancreatitis, increases in serum trypsin and lipase activities were significantly reduced by infusion of E- 3123.
Thrombolytic effects of a novel modified tissue plasminogen activator, E6010, on coronary thrombosis in the pig.
The results suggest that the slower clearance of E6010 from plasma contributes to the effective thrombolytic action of E 6010 following single intravenous bolus injection.
Thrombolytic efficacy of recombinant tissue plasminogen activators in rabbits with experimental juglar vein thrombosis
It was concluded that rTPAs appears to be superior to UK, because of its higher (over 10 fold) specific thrombolytic efficacy than that of UK.
[Effects of E3123 on pancreatic injury in the isolated, perfused rat pancreas and in a pancreatic slice].
E3123 demonstrated a potent protective effect against the hemolysis, suggesting that a membrane-stabilizing action may contribute to the protection E3123 affords against pancreatic injury.