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The Judahite Shephelah in the Late 8th and Early 7th Centuries BCE
Abstract In a recent article, Blakely and Hardin (2002) reviewed the results of excavations at several sites in the Shephelah and Beersheba Valley and interpreted them as evidence of an early
Historical and literary notes on the excavation of Tel Jezreel
Les fouilles du site de Tel Jezreel ont eclaire l'histoire du deuxieme Âge du Fer de la ville. Une enceinte fortifiee a grande echelle fut construite dans la premiere moitie du 9e siecle. A cet
Shaaraim – The Gateway To The Kingdom Of Judah
The article discusses the location of the city of Shaaraim mentioned in Josh 15:36 and 1 Sam 17:52. It first argues that its proposed identification with Khirbet Qeiyafa, north of the Elah Valley is
The Location of Alashiya: New Evidence from Petrographic Investigation of Alashiyan Tablets from El-Amarna and Ugarit
Ancient Near Eastern archives of cuneiform texts contain tablets whose origin is unknown. Letters often do not contain the name or address of the sender. Moreover, the locations of some ancient Near
Population Changes in Palestine Following Assyrian Deportations
Evolution des aspects de la deportation de masse pratiquee en Palestine (de ou vers la Palestine) par 5 rois assyriens: Teglat-Pileser 3, Sargon 2, Sennacherib, Assarhaddon et Assurbanipal. Puis
An Assyrian Residence at Ramat Rahel?
The proposal of Finkelstein and Singer-A vitz (2001) that Tel Ashdod was not inhabited in the 7th centuryBCE and that AshdodYam took its place, if correct, opens new perspectives for evaluating the