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Ethics After Babel: The Languages of Morals and Their Discontents by Jeffrey Stout. Boston, Beacon, 1988. 338 pp. $27.50
We recognize in the “confounding of language” and the “scattering abroad” of the people of the earth that take place in the story of Babel (Gen. 1l:l-9) conditions of chaos and confusion that pertainExpand
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On the moral nature of the universe : theology, cosmology, and ethics
What is the ethical import of contemporary scientific cosmology? How does our understanding of the universe relate to our most pressing social concerns? How do the disparate fields of theology,Expand
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Neuroscience , the Person and God : An Emergentist Account
Strong forms of dualism and eliminative materialism block any significant dialogue between the neurosciences and theology. The present article thus challenges the “Sufficiency 1 Thesis,” according toExpand
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Theology in the Age of Scientific Reasoning
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Beyond Liberalism and Fundamentalism: How Modern and Postmodern Philosophy Set the Theological Agenda
American Protestant Christianity is often described as a two-party system divided into liberals and conservatives. This book clarifies differences between the intellectual positions of these twoExpand
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Niels Henrik Gregersen's contribution to theology-and-science methodology
I have chosen to focus my response on the methodology employed by Niels Henrik Gregersen in relating theology and the sciences. Gregersen’s work has always impressed me, and my expectation is that weExpand
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. Critical realism is a problematic philosophical doctrine that unnecessarily complicates attempts to relate theology and science. A more satisfactory approach employs the scientific methodology ofExpand
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Whatever Happened to the Soul?
Abstract: Traditional religious teachings about the nature of the person, especially body‐soul dualism, influence majority views of the self. Following a historical overview, it is argued that aExpand
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