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Aristolactams and 4,5-dioxoaporphines from Piper longum
Abstract Nine alkaloids were isolated from the cold ethanol extract of Piper longum roots, of which six known compounds were identified as cepharadione B, cepharadione A, cepharanone B, aristolactamExpand
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Insect feeding deterrents from the medicinal plant Tylophora asthmatica
Alkaloid extractables of Tylophora asthmatica (Asclepiadaceae) have been tested for the antifeedant activity against Spodoptera litura by incorporating them in semisynthetic and cellulose diets. TheExpand
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Lignans from Piper cubeba
Abstract From the hot petrol extract of Piper cubeba ftuits, six lignans were isolated. Two of these, which have been obtained from a natural source for the first time, have been characterized as (2Expand
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Abietane diterpene quinones and a new diterpene epoxide fromSalvia moorcraftiana
A new abietane diterpene epoxide and five known abietane diterpene quinones have been isolated for the first time fromSalvia moorcraftiana roots. The epoxide has been identified as 5α-hydroxy-abietaExpand
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Polyoxygenated flavones from Ageratum conyzoides
Abstract Twelve polyoxygenated flavones have been isolated from Ageratum conyzoides, three of which are new natural flavones, namely ageconyflavones A (5,6,7-trimethoxy-3′,4′-methylenedioxyflavone),Expand
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Alkaloids of Pergularia pallida
Abstract Five phenanthroindolizidine alkaloids namely tylophorine, tylophorinidine, pergularinine, desoxypergularinine and an unidentified base (M + 409) have been isolated from the roots ofExpand
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