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Correlation Coefficient
  • N. Mukhopadhyay
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science
  • 2011
Using a scatterplot is an appropriate way to get a general idea about whether or not two variables are related, but there are problems with this approach. Expand
Sequential estimation problems for negative exponential populations
The literature on sequential estimation problems for negative exponential populations has been reviewed here, We attempt to bring in all the published and unpublished materials known to us in aExpand
On a Two-Stage Procedure Having Second-Order Properties with Applications
Under a fairly general setup, we first modify the Stein-type two-stage methodology in order to incorporate some partial information in the form of a known and positive lower bound for the otherwiseExpand
Sequential point estimation of the mean when the distribution is unspecified
Two problems have been discussed in this paper. First, for independent and identically distributed random variables with unknown mean and unknown variance, a sequential procedure is proposed forExpand
Multistage selection and ranking procedures : second-order asymptotics
Theory of sequential and multistage procedures selecting the best normal population selecting the best negative exponential population estimation of ordered parameters selecting the best component inExpand
Probability and Statistical Inference
Notions of Probability Expectations of Functions of Random Variables Multivariate Random Variables Transformations and Sampling Distributions Notions of Stochastic Convergence Sufficiency,Expand
A consistent and asymptotically efficient two-stage procedure to construct fixed width confidence intervals for the mean
For a normal distribution, a two-stage procedure has been proposed for constructing a fixed width confidence interval for the mean when the variance is unknown. It has all the properties ofStein'sExpand
A general sequential fixed-accuracy confidence interval estimation methodology for a positive parameter: illustrations using health and safety data
Estimation of positive parameters is important in areas including ecology, biology, medicine, nuclear power, and study of cell membranes. We develop a general structure for a fixed-accuracyExpand
Exact Bounded Risk Estimation When the Terminal Sample Size and Estimator Are Dependent: The Exponential Case
Abstract Suppose that we have independent observations X 1,X 2,… having a common exponential distribution with a probability density function f(x;λ) = λ−1exp (− x/λ) if x > 0, and 0 elsewhere withExpand