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Vitreous surgery simulator.
OBJECTIVE To reduce the surgical risks to patients and expose surgeons to surgical experience and complications, we have developed a practical system of vitreous surgery using virtual-realityExpand
Particle-based Simulation on Aortic Valve Behavior with CG Model Generated from CT
We have tried to simulate the aortic valve behavior with a particle method. Expand
Development of a PC-based real-time surgical simulator
We constructed a real-time PC-based surgical simulator for the training of ophthalmologists in vitreoretinal surgery, based on the results of evaluation of a surgical simulator developed on GWS. Expand
Waterfall Simulation by Using a Particle and Grid-Based Hybrid Approach
In this paper, we describe the model and the method to visualize a waterfall by using a hybrid method of Lagrangian (particle) and Eulerian (grid) approaches. Expand
Particle Based Simulation of the Aortic Valve by Considering Heart's Pulsation
We have performed a dynamic simulation of the aortic valve by considering heart's pulsation. Expand
New graphics models for PC based ocular surgery simulator.
We propose to use mathematical functions to model objects for collision detection. Expand
Japanese Fingerspelling Recognition Based on Classification Tree and Machine Learning
In this paper, we have proposed a recognition method of fingerspellings in Japanese sign language, which uses classification tree based on pattern recognition and machine learning. Expand
Spinnability simulation of viscoelastic fluid
One of the most challenging issues of computer graphics is to represent the behavior of fluid. Expand
Waterfall Simulation with Spray Cloud in different Environments
This paper reports the simulation of waterfall including spray cloud in different environments. Visualization of liquid behavior on physically based simulation is one of the most challenging issuesExpand
A Fast Collision Detection Method Using Modified Depth Peeling
We propose a fast collision detection method that uses graphics hardware and includes self-collision and self-Collision and deformable objects as its targets. Expand