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Applications of big data to smart cities
The review reveals that several opportunities are available for utilizing big data in smart cities; however, there are still many issues and challenges to be addressed to achieve better utilization of this technology. Expand
Middleware: middleware challenges and approaches for wireless sensor networks
This survey discusses representative WSN middleware, presenting the state of the research. Expand
e-Health Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges
The concept of “e-Health Cloud” is introduced highlighting many of its constituents and proposing building an e-health environment and elucidating many of the challenges confronting the success of the e- health Cloud are discussed. Expand
Linear wireless sensor networks: Classification and applications
The concept of LSNs is expanded, along with a set of applications for which this type of network is appropriate, and motivation for designing specialized protocol is provided that explores linearity of the network to increase the communication efficiency, reliability, fault tolerance, energy savings and network lifetime. Expand
A Survey of Load Balancing in Cloud Computing: Challenges and Algorithms
This paper investigates the different algorithms proposed to resolve the issue of load balancing and task scheduling in Cloud Computing and discusses and compares these algorithms to provide an overview of the latest approaches in the field. Expand
Middleware for Robotics: A Survey
The selection of the studied methods tries to cover most of the middleware platforms, objectives and approaches that have been proposed by researchers in this field. Expand
Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
  • S. Hadim, N. Mohamed
  • Computer Science
  • 1st International Conference on Communication…
  • 7 August 2006
It is argued that most of the proposed work is at an early stage and there is still a long way to go before a middleware that fully meets the wide variety of WSN requirements is achieved. Expand
SmartCityWare: A Service-Oriented Middleware for Cloud and Fog Enabled Smart City Services
This paper proposes an SOM called SmartCityWare, which abstracts services and components involved in smart city applications as services accessible through the service-oriented model, which enhances integration and allows for flexible inclusion and utilization of the various services needed in a smart city application. Expand
Challenges in middleware solutions for the internet of things
This paper surveys existing middleware designed for IoT and focuses on various technical challenges in this domain. Expand
A survey on service-oriented middleware for wireless sensor networks
The current work in SOM is surveyed and the trends and challenges to be addressed when designing and developing these solutions for WSN are surveyed. Expand