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Illuminating Genetic Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Genetic sorting of the scrolls illuminates their textual relationship and historical significance, and divorces debated fragments from the Qumran scrolls, demonstrates that interdisciplinary approaches enrich the scholar's toolkit. Expand
The History and Linguistic Background of Two Hebrew Titles for the High Priest
Biblical Hebrew knows several terms denoting levels of priestly hierarchy in general, and the senior office of the high priest in particular. Most notable are the compound terms הכהן הגדול ("theExpand
Chapter 2: From wisdom to hymn (Jer 10:12–13)
The Textual History and Literary Background of Isa 14,4
Abstract: The word מדהבה in Isa 14,4 is commonly held by text-critics to result from a scribal mistake. The discussion seeks to illuminate the meaning of the original reading מרהבה (attested byExpand
Chapter 3: Language and identity (Jer 10:11)
The Poetics of Angelic Discourse: Revelation 2–3 and the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice
Revelation extensively employs the number seven not only as a symbolic figure, but also as a structural principle for constructing sevenfold literary units, and yet some specific aspects of thisExpand