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Active oxygen species generated from photoexcited fullerene (C60) as potential medicines: O2-* versus 1O2.
The results indicate that the active oxygen species primarily responsible for photoinduced DNA cleavage by C(60) under physiological conditions are reduced species such as O(2)(-)* and *OH. Expand
Epigenetic Status of Gdnf in the Ventral Striatum Determines Susceptibility and Adaptation to Daily Stressful Events
The data provide insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the susceptibility and adaptation to chronic stress within the brain, suggesting that epigenetic modifications of Gdnf, along with genetic and environmental factors, contribute to behavioral responses to stress. Expand
Loss of Deacetylation Activity of Hdac6 Affects Emotional Behavior in Mice
The findings suggest that HDAC6-mediated reversible acetylation might contribute to maintain proper neuronal activity in serotonergic neurons, and also provide a new therapeutic target for depression. Expand
Identification of G protein-coupled receptor 120-selective agonists derived from PPARgamma agonists.
These results provide a basis for constructing new tools for probing the biology of GPR120 and for developing new candidate therapeutic agents. Expand
Design, synthesis, and biological activity of a novel series of human sirtuin-2-selective inhibitors.
3'-phenethyloxy-2-anilinobenzamide derivatives represent an entry into a new class of SIRT2-selective inhibitors, and induced a dose-dependent selective increase of α-tubulin acetylation in human colon cancer HCT116 cells, indicating selective inhibition of Sirtuin 2 in the cells. Expand
Solubilization of fullerenes into water with polyvinylpyrrolidone applicable to biological tests
C60 and C70 can be solubilized into water with poly(vinylpyrrolidone)(PVP) and the aqueous solutions of C60 and C70 are applied to haemolysis test.
Identification of cell-active lysine specific demethylase 1-selective inhibitors.
The first small-molecule LSD1-selective inhibitors are identified and show in vivo H3K4-methylating activity and antiproliferative activity and should be useful as lead structures for anticancer drugs and as tools for studying the biological roles of LSD1. Expand
Novel harmful effects of [60]fullerene on mouse embryos in vitro and in vivo
In vivo and in vitro action of C60 on embryogenesis is a novel and seriously harmful activity, although weaker than the vehicle controls. Expand
Structure-Activity Relationships of GPR120 Agonists Based on a Docking Simulation
It is shown that a docking simulation using a GPR120 homology model might be useful to predict the agonistic activity of compounds. Expand
Highly potent and selective histone deacetylase 6 inhibitors designed based on a small-molecular substrate.
Thiolate analogues designed based on the structure of an HDAC6-selective substrate and evaluated the histone/alpha-tubulin acetylation selectivity by Western blot analysis found novel histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6)-selective inhibitors. Expand