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Compact Tapered-Shape Slot Antenna for UWB Applications
A compact microstrip line-fed ultrawideband (UWB) tapered-shape slot antenna is presented. The proposed antenna comprises a tapered-shape slot and rectangular tuning stub. The antenna is fabricatedExpand
Development of Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures in the Perspective of Microstrip Antenna Design
Electromagnetic band gap (EBG) technology has become a significant breakthrough in the radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications due to their unique band gap characteristics at certainExpand
Microstrip Line-fed Printed Planar Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications
In this study, a microstrip line-fed printed planar monopole antenna for ultra-wideband applications is presented. The proposed antenna is composed of an annular ring fed by a microstrip line and aExpand
Ionospheric variations before some large earthquakes over Sumatra
Abstract. The paper investigates the ionospheric variations before some large earthquakes that occurred during 2004–2007 in Sumatra using GPS and CHAMP data. The TEC shows the occurrence of positiveExpand
Printed circular ring antenna for UWB application
A printed circular ring antenna for UWB application is proposed in this paper. The antenna structure is composed of a circular ring patch and a partial ground plane. The proposed antenna has a totalExpand
Ionospheric and geomagnetic disturbances during the 2005 Sumatran earthquakes
This paper investigates the ionospheric and geomagnetic responses during the 28 March 2005 and 14 May 2005 Sumatran earthquakes using GPS and magnetometer stations located in the near zone of theExpand
A Compact Wideband Antenna on Dielectric Material Substrate for K Band
A wideband modified S shaped electrically small microstrip patch antenna on Aluminium tri-oxide ceramic substrate is designed and analyzed in this paper. The proposed microstrip line fed miniatureExpand
Effects of electromagnetic absorption towards human head due to variation of its dielectric properties at 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz with different antenna substrates
This paper analyzes and discusses the effect of the electromagnetic absorption by human head against variation of head dielectric properties at 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz. The characteristics of helicalExpand
Effects of Dielectric Values and Substrate Materials on Electromagnetic (EM) Absorption in Human Head
Abstract The aim of this study was to considered possible discrepancy in electromagnetic (EM) fascination in the human head. Commercially available software CST Microwave Studio based on theExpand
The Hurst exponents of the geomagnetic horizontal component during quiet and active periods
The focus in this paper is mainly to characterize the fractal properties denoted by the Hurst exponent of geomagnetic field during quiet and active periods of geomagnetism activity. Analysis is madeExpand