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Migratory chondrogenic progenitor cells from repair tissue during the later stages of human osteoarthritis.
The regeneration of diseased hyaline cartilage continues to be a great challenge, mainly because degeneration--caused either by major injury or by age-related processes--can overextend the tissue'sExpand
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Structural and Functional Analysis of the Recombinant G Domain of the Laminin α4 Chain and Its Proteolytic Processing in Tissues*
The C-terminal G domains of laminin α chains have been implicated in various cellular and other interactions. The G domain of the α4 chain was now produced in transfected mammalian cells as twoExpand
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Compound Genetic Ablation of Nidogen 1 and 2 Causes Basement Membrane Defects and Perinatal Lethality in Mice
ABSTRACT Nidogen 1 and 2 are basement membrane glycoproteins, and previous biochemical and functional studies indicate that they may play a crucial role in basement membrane assembly. While they showExpand
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Basement membrane components are key players in specialized extracellular matrices
More than three decades ago, basement membranes (BMs) were described as membrane-like structures capable of isolating a cell from and connecting a cell to its environment. Since this time, it hasExpand
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Specific ablation of the nidogen-binding site in the laminin gamma1 chain interferes with kidney and lung development.
Basement membrane assembly is of crucial importance in the development and function of tissues and during embryogenesis. Nidogen 1 was thought to be central in the assembly processes, connecting theExpand
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The Absence of Nidogen 1 Does Not Affect Murine Basement Membrane Formation
ABSTRACT Nidogen 1 is a highly conserved protein in mammals,Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans, and ascidians and is found in all basement membranes. It has been proposed that nidogen 1Expand
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Characterization of SMOC-1, a Novel Modular Calcium-binding Protein in Basement Membranes*
We have isolated the novel geneSMOC-1 that encodes a secreted modular protein containing an EF-hand calcium-binding domain homologous to that in BM-40. It further consists of two thyroglobulin-likeExpand
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Absence of integrin alpha 7 causes a novel form of muscular dystrophy.
Integrin alpha 7 beta 1 is a specific cellular receptor for the basement membrane protein laminin-1 (refs 1,2), as well as for the laminin isoforms -2 and -4 (ref. 3). The alpha 7 subunit isExpand
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α11β1 Integrin-Dependent Regulation of Periodontal Ligament Function in the Erupting Mouse Incisor
ABSTRACT The fibroblast integrin α11β1 is a key receptor for fibrillar collagens. To study the potential function of α11 in vivo, we generated a null allele of the α11 gene. Integrin α11−/− mice areExpand
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Absence of integrin α7 causes a novel form of muscular dystrophy
Integrin α7β1 is a specific cellular receptor for the basement membrane protein laminin-1 (refs 1,2), as well as for the laminin isoforms -2 and -4 (ref. 3). The α7 subunit is expressed mainly inExpand
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