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cDNA nucleotide sequence and primary structure of mouse uterine peptidylarginine deiminase. Detection of a 3'-untranslated nucleotide sequence common to the mRNA of transiently expressed genes and
Peptidylarginine deiminase is a protein-modulating enzyme which converts the arginine residues in proteins to citrulline residues. This study describes the complete primary structure of mouseExpand
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Synthesis of 4-(methoxyethyl) monobactams by a chemicoenzymatic approach.
As a key intermediate for the synthesis of monobactam analogues, cis-3-benzyloxycarbonyl-amino-4-(2-hydroxyehtyl)-2-azetidinone was synthesized from (4S)-4-methoxycarbonylmethyl-2-azetidinone, andExpand
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Studies on Agents with Vasodilator and β-Blocking Activities. I
A series of novel pyridazinone derivatives (II) having a phenoxypropanolamine moiety was synthesized. Their hypotensive and β-blocking activities were evaluated after intravenous administration ofExpand
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9,10-dihydroanthracene-2-alkanoic acid derivative
NEW MATERIAL:9,10-Dihydroanthracene-2-alkanoic acids of formula I (Y is C= O or CH 2 ; R 1 is H or lower alkyl), and their salts, esters and amide derivatives. EXAMPLE: MethylExpand
2-formyldibenzazepin derivative and its preparation
NEW MATERIAL:2-Formyldibenzazepin derivative of formula I (R 1 is lower alkyl or aralkyl; R 2 is H or halogen). EXAMPLE: 2-Formyl-5,6-dihydro-5-methyl-11-oxodibenz[b,e]azepin. USE: Intermediate ofExpand
【課題】p38MAPキナーゼ阻害作用及びそれに基づくTNF−α、IL−1、IL−6、COX−II等の産生阻害作用を有しており、TNF−α関連疾患、IL−1関連疾患、IL−6関連疾患又はCOX−II関連疾患等の治療剤として有用な化合物の提供。 【解決手段】本発明は、式 【化1】 式中、 Qは置換されていてもよいアリール基等を表わし、 R 1 は水素原子、低級アルコキシ基等を表わし、 R 2Expand
1-phenylisoquinoline derivative
NEW MATERIAL:1-Phenylisoquinoline derivatives of formula I (R 1 is H, lower alkyl; R 2 is H, halogen, lower alkoxy; Y is carboxyl, cyano) and their salts. EXAMPLE: 1-Phenylisoquinolin-5-ylaceticExpand