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Sulfur Isotope Ratios of Coals and Oils Used in China and Japan.
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Exposure evaluation of adult male Japanese smokers switched to a heated cigarette in a controlled clinical setting.
The objective of this clinical study was to investigate changes in levels of biomarkers of exposure (BOEs) in healthy Japanese male smokers who switched to a prototype heated cigarette (HC). This wasExpand
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Studies on the Synthesis of Sesquiterpene Lactones, 16. The Syntheses of 11β,13-Dihydrokauniolide, Estafiatin, Isodehydrocostuslactone, 2-Oxodesoxyligustrin, Arborescin, 1,10-Epiarborescin,
A total of eleven naturally occurring guaianolides, 11β,13-dihydrokau- niolide, estafiatin, isodehydrocostuslactone, 2-oxodesoxyligustrin, arborescen, 11β,13-dihydroludartin,Expand
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Colony lift immunoassay utilizing antibody-coupled liposomes encapsulating HRP
The liposome immunoblotting assay was applied to colony lift immunoassay for detection of colonies expressing target protein (scFv) with higher signal intensity. Only edges of blotted samples on theExpand
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Mechanism of cyclic AMP facilitation of stimulation-evoked catecholamine release in adrenal chromaffin cells—II. Inhibition of Na+,K+-ATPase by cyclic AMP
Abstract The ability of cyclic AMP to inhibit Na + ,K + -ATPase activity in adrenal medulla was examined to elucidate mechanisms of cyclic AMP stimulatory modulations in catecholamine (CA) secretionExpand
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A study to investigate changes in the levels of biomarkers of exposure to selected cigarette smoke constituents in Japanese adult male smokers who switched to a non-combustion inhaler type of tobacco
In a clinical study, changes in 14 biomarkers of exposures (BOEs) from 10 tobacco smoke constituents and mutagens detected by the urine mutagenicity test were investigated using a non-combustionExpand
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Pharmacokinetic analysis of nicotine when using non-combustion inhaler type of tobacco product in Japanese adult male smokers.
In a clinical study, the pharmacokinetics of nicotine were investigated using the prototype of a non-combustion inhaler type of tobacco product (PNCIT) with comparison to a 1mg tar conventionalExpand
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Involvement of Ca2+ entry and inositol trisphosphate-induced internal Ca2+ mobilization in muscarinic receptor-mediated catecholamine release in dog adrenal chromaffin cells
Catecholamine (CA) release from adrenal medulla evoked by muscarinic receptor stimulation has been studied using isolated perfused adrenal gland and cultured chromaffin cells from dogs. Muscarine andExpand
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Application of protein-coupled liposomes to effective affinity screening from phage library.
For effective screening by biopanning, we propose a new affinity screening method utilizing protein-coupled liposomes (proteoliposomes) as adsorbents. With multilamellar vesicles (MLVs) composed ofExpand
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Estimation of mouth level exposure to smoke constituents of cigarettes with different tar levels using filter analysis.
A nicotine part-filter method can be applied to estimate smokers' mouth level exposure (MLE) to smoke constituents. The objectives of this study were (1) to generate calibration curves for 47 smokeExpand
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