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Association between climate variability and malaria epidemics in the East African highlands.
The causes of the recent reemergence of Plasmodium falciparum epidemic malaria in the East African highlands are controversial. Regional climate changes have been invoked as a major factor; however,Expand
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Spatial distribution and habitat characterization of anopheline mosquito larvae in Western Kenya.
Studies were conducted to characterize larval habitats of anopheline mosquitoes and to analyze spatial heterogeneity of mosquito species in the Suba District of western Kenya. A total of 128 aquaticExpand
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Association between land cover and habitat productivity of malaria vectors in western Kenyan highlands.
We examined the effects of land cover type on survivorship and productivity of Anopheles gambiae in Kakamega in the western Kenyan highlands (elevation = 1,420-1,580 meters above sea level). UnderExpand
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Co-occurrence of Point Mutations in the Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel of Pyrethroid-Resistant Aedes aegypti Populations in Myanmar
Background Single amino acid substitutions in the voltage-gated sodium channel associated with pyrethroid resistance constitute one of the main causative factors of knockdown resistance in insects.Expand
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Influence of host and larval habitat distribution on the abundance of African malaria vectors in western Kenya.
The abundance of anopheline mosquitoes varies substantially among houses within the same villages. Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto is highly anthropophilic, and Anopheles arabiensis is zoophilic;Expand
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The Effects of Climatic Factors on the Distribution and Abundance of Malaria Vectors in Kenya
Abstract Since 1988 malaria epidemics have occurred in multiple sites in western Kenya highlands. Climatic variability has been associated with some of the recent epidemics. We examined influences ofExpand
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Spatial distribution of anopheline larval habitats in Western Kenyan highlands: effects of land cover types and topography.
The distributions of anopheline larval habitats were aggregated in valley bottoms in Kenya in both the rainy and dry seasons, although the degree of aggregation was higher in the dry season than inExpand
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Landscape determinants and remote sensing of anopheline mosquito larval habitats in the western Kenya highlands
BackgroundIn the past two decades the east African highlands have experienced several major malaria epidemics. Currently there is a renewed interest in exploring the possibility of anopheline larvalExpand
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Anopheline Mosquito Survival Strategies During the Dry Period in Western Kenya
Abstract The dry season survival mechanism of Anopheles gambiae Giles is one of the most vexing deficiencies in our understanding of the biology of the major malaria vectors. In this study, weExpand
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Effects of larval competitors and predators on oviposition site selection of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto.
We examined whether predators and competitors influence selection of oviposition sites by Anopheles gambiae Giles. Mosquitoes in cages laid significantly fewer eggs in rainwater conditioned with aExpand
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