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Vegetius, epitome of military science
The only Latin art of war to survive, Vegetius' Epitome was for long a part of the medieval prince's military education. The core of his proposals, the maintenance of a professional standing army,Expand
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Involvement of 3-dehydroecdysone in the 3-epimerization of ecdysone.
The epimerization of ecdysone to 3-epiecdysone has been investigated in a dialysed cytosolic enzyme preparation from midgut of sixth instar Spodoptera littoralis larvae, with particular emphasis onExpand
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An Epigraphical Survey in the Kibyra-Olbasa Region conducted by A S Hall
The Kibrya-Olbasa region, in the uplands of southwest Anatolia, was home to a mixture of peoples - Kabalians, Milyans, Pisidians and others - while the city of Kibrya spoke four languages: Lydian,Expand
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Votive Reliefs from Balboura and its Environs with an Epigraphical Appendix.
La prospection du site de Balboura et de la partie ouest de ses environs a permis d'identifier 75 reliefs votifs. Plusieurs d'entre eux portent des inscriptions donnant d'importantes informations surExpand
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Notes and inscriptions on the cult of Apollo at Oinoanda
1. Fragment YC 1135 In summer 1994 the survey team at Oinoanda led by Stephen Mitchell were shown a moulded, inscribed limestone block in the garden of Mehmet Atci, then bekci of Oinoanda, at hisExpand
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Identification of ecdysonoic acid and 20-hydroxyecdysonoic acid isolated from developing eggs of Schistocerca gregaria and pupae of Spodoptera littoralis.
Ecdysonoic acid and 20-hydroxyecdysonoic acid have been purified from developing eggs of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, by high performance liquid chromatography (h.p.l.c.), and theirExpand
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The mausoleum of Licinnia Flavilla and Flavianus Diogenes of Oinoanda : Epigraphy and architecture
Description architecturale, revision d'inscriptions et publication de nouveaux temoins epigraphiques du mausolee de Licinnia Flavilla et Flavien Diogene, situe dans la necropole romaine d'Oenoanda
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An Exedra for Demosthenes of Oenoanda and his Relatives
De nouvelles recherches menees en 1994 sur le contexte archeologique de la base de la statue de C. Julius Demosthenes d'Oenoanda, decouverte sur le site du meme nom en 1895, ont revele qu'elle n'aExpand
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Victors in the Meleagria and the Balbouran Élite
A sizeable part of the epigraphic record of the North Lycian city of Balboura concerns the erection of statues honouring athletics victors of the Antoninia Meleagria, a “musical” festival foundedExpand
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