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Ventricle-to-brain ratio in schizophrenia: a controlled follow-up study
The presence of enlarged lateral cerebral ventricles on computed tomography (CT) scans of a subset of schizophrenic patients has been reported by several authors (for a review, see Shelton andExpand
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Substance P and hydra: an immunohistochemical and physiological study.
1. The distribution of substance P-like immunoreactivity was studied in Hydra attenuata using the peroxidase-antiperoxidase technique. 2. Positive immunoreactivity was observed in ectodermal nerveExpand
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Substance p and the isolated spinal cord of the frog: An electrophysiological and immunohistochemical study
Abstract 1. The action of substance P (SP) on the isolated, hemisected and quadrisected spinal cord of Rana esculenta, and its distribution, were studied. 2. The ventral and the dorsal quadrants withExpand
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Melatonin and LSD induce similar retinal changes in the frog
This work is based on histological examination with the light microscope of Nissl-stained frogs’ retinae following melatonin and lysergic acid die~ylamide (LSD) administ~tion. In a previous paperExpand
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Drugs and the frog retina: Effect of dopaminergic agents on the pigment screening of light- and dark-adapted frogs
This is a study, using the light and electron microscope, of the action of a dopamine agonist (apomorphine) and of a dopamine antagonist (haloperidol) on the retinal pigment screening (PS) of light-Expand
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Modification of the pigment screening of the frog retina following administration of neuroactive drugs.
Pigment screening (PS) occurs in the retina of lower vertebrates and consists of the bidirectional migration (vitreally or sclerally) of melanin granules into processes of the pigment epithelium thatExpand
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Clinical and neuropsychological correlates of cerebral ventricular enlargement in schizophrenia.
A comprehensive assessment of computed tomography (CT) with respect to clinical, historical and neuropsychological variables has been carried out in a sample of DSM III schizophrenics fairlyExpand
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Brain glycoprotein sugars were studied during human brain development. Marked changes were found in the sugar content of glycopeptides derived from soluble and insoluble glycoproteins, showing aExpand
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Lithium and melatonin: morphological modifications induced in frog retina pigment screening.
Pigment screening (PS) is a phenomenon occurring in the retina of lower vertebrates, which consists in the dispersion, induced by the light, of melatonin granules into processes of the pigmentExpand
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