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Deep-sea demersal fish and fisheries
This paper presents a meta-ecology of deep demersal fish: Morphological and life history adaptations, diversity and distribution, and aspects of fish production: general considerations and feeding. Expand
Summary atlas of deep-living demersal fishes in the North Atlantic Basin
Data from 9 major trawling surveys made around the North Atlantic Basin at slope, rise and abyssal depths provide directly comparable information on deep demersal fish distribution and faunalExpand
Observations on the ecology of deep-sea bottom-living fishes collected off northwest Africa (08°–27°N)
Abstract The ecology of bottom-living fishes was investigated from a series of collections off northwest Africa in the area 08°–27°N and 14°–30°W from sounding of 261–6059 m. The variety of samplingExpand
Midwater fishes in the eastern North Atlantic—I. Vertical distribution and associated biology in 30°N, 23°W, with developmental notes on certain myctophids
The overall catches were dominated by non-migrants, and at depths greater that 200 m these comprised the most abundant species per depth at all times, while Cyclothone constituted the most most abundant genus sampled and provided greatest insight into distributional and biological detail. Expand
Estimation of abundance of abyssal demersal fishes; a comparison of data from trawls and baited cameras
It is concluded that by measurement of arrival times, the baited camera provides a cost-effective complement to trawl sampling for estimating abundance of deep-water fish including Synaphobranchus kaupi, Anlimora rostratu and C. armatus. Expand
Environmental and Biological Aspects of Slope-Dwelling Fishes of the North Atlantic
The environmental and biological aspects of slope dwelling fishes of the North Atlantic are discussed in the form of answers to the following questions. (1) How do the physical features of theExpand
Deep demersal fish assemblage structure in the Porcupine Seabight (Eastern North Atlantic): results of single warp trawling at lower slope to abyssal soundings
The dynamics of clearance, segregation and elimination of a marine bacterium, Moraxella sp., by the shore crab, Carcinus maenas (L.) has been studied utilizing fluorescent and radiolabellingExpand
Can ecological knowledge catch up with deep-water fishing? a North Atlantic perspective
Abstract Deep-water fishes have only recently moved from being objects of scientific curiosity to objects of commercial exploitation. For an increasing number of species, today a single trawlExpand
Scavenging deep demersal fishes of the Porcupine Seabight, north-east Atlantic: observations by baited camera, trap and trawl
Demersal fishes on the continental rise and slope were sampled by trawl, baited trap and a baited camera, demonstrating that arrival time of the first fish at baits provides an estimate of population density. Expand