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Statistical significance of quantitative PCR
In this study, we evaluated the performance of known methods, and compared them with newly developed data processing strategies in terms of resolution, precision and robustness. Expand
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Transcription factor AP-4 contains multiple dimerization domains that regulate dimer specificity.
Enhancer binding protein AP-4 is a transcription factor that activates both viral and cellular genes by binding to the symmetrical DNA sequence, CAGCTG. Here, we report the molecular cloning andExpand
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A family of human CCAAT-box-binding proteins active in transcription and DNA replication: cloning and expression of multiple cDNAs
The CTF/NF-I group of cellular DNA binding proteins recognizes the sequence GCCAAT and is implicated in eukaryotic transcription as well as DNA replication. Molecular analysis of human CTF/NF-IExpand
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High-throughput SELEX–SAGE method for quantitative modeling of transcription-factor binding sites
The ability to determine the location and relative strength of all transcription-factor binding sites in a genome is important both for a comprehensive understanding of gene regulation and forExpand
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Enhancer binding factors AP-4 and AP-1 act in concert to activate SV40 late transcription in vitro
The simian virus 40 (SV40) transcriptional enhancer is composed of multiple cis-acting DNA sequence motifs, each individually having a two-to fourfold effect on the efficiency of transcription1–8.Expand
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A proline-rich TGF-beta-responsive transcriptional activator interacts with histone H3.
The molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of gene expression by transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) have been analyzed. We show that TGF-beta specifically induces the activity of theExpand
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Protein-protein interactions between adenovirus DNA polymerase and nuclear factor I mediate formation of the DNA replication preinitiation complex.
The in vitro adenovirus (Ad) DNA replication system provides an assay to study the interaction of viral and host replication proteins with the DNA template in the formation of the preinitiationExpand
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Structure-Function Characterization and Optimization of a Plant-Derived Antibacterial Peptide
ABSTRACT Crushed seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree have been used traditionally as natural flocculants to clarify drinking water. We previously showed that one of the seed peptides mediates both theExpand
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Proteins bound at adjacent DNA elements act synergistically to regulate human proenkephalin cAMP inducible transcription.
Synthesis of the endogenous opioid precursor, proenkephalin, is regulated by neurotransmitters and membrane depolarization. These events act through second messenger dependent signal transductionExpand
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The proline-rich transcriptional activator of CTF/NF-I is distinct from the replication and DNA binding domain
Human CTF/NF-I consists of a family of CCAAT box binding proteins that activate both transcription and DNA replication. Analysis of cDNA mutants expressed in E. coli and Drosophila cells reveals thatExpand
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