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Conjoint activity of anterior insular and anterior cingulate cortex: awareness and response
The case that anterior insular and anterior cingulate cortices are crucial, firstly, for the production of subjective feelings and, secondly, for co-ordinating appropriate responses to internal and external events is reinforced.
Effects of normal aging and Alzheimer's disease on emotional memory.
Young and older adults, but not AD patients, showed better memory for emotional versus neutral pictures and words, whereas young adults remembered more items embedded in an emotional versusneutral context.
Depersonalisation disorder: clinical features of 204 cases
Depersonalisation disorder is a recognisable clinical entity but appears to have significant comorbidity with anxiety and depression and research into its aetiology and treatment is warranted.
Unpacking the depersonalization syndrome: an exploratory factor analysis on the Cambridge Depersonalization Scale
An exploratory factor analysis was carried out on 138 consecutive patients diagnosed with depersonalization disorder to establish whether different symptoms of depERSONalization represent the expression of a single or several underlying dimensions.
Depersonalization disorder: thinking without feeling
Emotional memory and perception in temporal lobectomy patients with amygdala damage
Bilateral amygdala damage is particularly disruptive of emotional memory processes in comparison with unilateral temporal lobectomy, and the pattern of results implies that perception of emotional expressions and emotional memory are supported by separate processing systems or streams.