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Crustal scale geometry of the Zagros fold–thrust belt, Iran
Balanced cross-sections across the Zagros fold–thrust belt in Iran are used to analyze the geometry of deformation within the sedimentary cover rocks, and to test the hypothesis of basement involvedExpand
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Cenozoic evolution of Neotethys and implications for the causes of plate motions
Africa-North America-Eurasia plate circuit rotations, combined with Red Sea rotations and new estimates of crustal shortening in Iran define the Cenozoic history of the Neotethyan ocean betweenExpand
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Detrital zircon geochronology of pre-Tertiary strata in the Tibetan-Himalayan orogen
Detrital zircon data have recently become available from many different portions of the Tibetan-Himalayan orogen. This study uses 13,441 new or existing U-Pb ages of zircon crystals from strata inExpand
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An animated tectonic reconstruction of southwestern North America since 36 Ma
We present tectonic reconstructions and an accompanying animation of deformation across the North America–Pacific plate boundary since 36 Ma. Intraplate deformation of southwestern North AmericaExpand
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Lithospheric evolution of the Andean fold-thrust belt, Bolivia, and the origin of the central Andean plateau
We combine geological and geophysical data to develop a generalized model for the lithospheric evolution of the central Andean plateau between 188 and 208 S from Late Cretaceous to present. ByExpand
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Greater India Basin hypothesis and a two-stage Cenozoic collision between India and Asia
Cenozoic convergence between the Indian and Asian plates produced the archetypical continental collision zone comprising the Himalaya mountain belt and the Tibetan Plateau. How and where India–AsiaExpand
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The Eastern Snake River Plain (ESRP) is a linear volcanic basin interpreted by many workers to reflect late Cenozoic migration of North America over the Yellowstone hotspot. Thermal subsidence ofExpand
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Geometry and structural evolution of the central Andean backthrust belt
The central Andean backthrust belt is a large-scale west vergent thrust system along the western side of the Eastern Cordillera in the generally east vergent Andean fold-thrust belt of Bolivia.Expand
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Geometry and crustal shortening of the Himalayan fold-thrust belt, eastern and central Bhutan
We present a new geologic map of eastern and central Bhutan and four balanced cross sections through the Himalayan fold-thrust belt. Major structural features, from south to north, include: (1) aExpand
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Initial plate geometry, shortening variations, and evolution of the Bolivian orocline
Comparisons of newly published cross sections across the Bolivian Andes with existing cross sections through Argentina emphasize significant along-strike changes in crustal shortening. A sharpExpand
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