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Issues in Multiagent Resource Allocation
This paper is a survey of some of the most salient issues in MultiagentResource Allocation. Expand
A Comparative Study of Ranking-Based Semantics for Abstract Argumentation
Argumentation is a process of evaluating and comparing a set of arguments. Expand
Arguments, Dialogue, and Negotiation
In the past few years there have been a number of proposals for mechanisms for negotiation between agents that make use of argumentation. Expand
Modelling dialogues using argumentation
A number of authors have suggested the use of argumentation techniques as the basis for negotiation dialogues between agents. Expand
A Short Introduction to Computational Social Choice
Computational social choice is an interdisciplinary field of study at the interface of social choice theory and computer science, promoting an exchange of ideas in both directions. Expand
Negotiating Socially Optimal Allocations of Resources
A multiagent system may be thought of as an artificial society of autonomous software agents and we can apply concepts borrowed from welfare economics and social choice theory to assess the social welfare of such an agent society. Expand
Commitment-based and dialogue-game-based protocols: new trends in agent communication languages
This survey introduces existing approaches to Agent Communication Languages (ACLs) and particularly Conversation Policies (CPs) which can be viewed as general constraints on the sequence of semantically coherent messages leading to a goal. Expand
An argumentation-based Semantics for Agent Communication Languages
We propose an ACL which allows heterogenous agents to engage flexibly in the different kinds of dialogues identified by Walton and Krabbe in [14]. Expand
Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems: Context and Recent Developments
This chapter provides a brief survey of argumentation in multi-agent systems. It is not only brief, but rather idiosyncratic, and focuses on the areas of research that most interest the authors, andExpand