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New multidimensional functional diversity indices for a multifaceted framework in functional ecology.
Functional diversity is increasingly identified as an important driver of ecosystem functioning. Various indices have been proposed to measure the functional diversity of a community, but there isExpand
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Functional richness, functional evenness and functional divergence: the primary components of functional diversity
Functiona] diversity is hypothesised as being beneficial for ecosystem functions, such as productivity and resistance to invasion. However, a precise definition of functional diversity, and hence aExpand
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A functional approach reveals community responses to disturbances.
Understanding the processes shaping biological communities under multiple disturbances is a core challenge in ecology and conservation science. Traditionally, ecologists have explored linkagesExpand
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Functional diversity measures: an overview of their redundancy and their ability to discriminate community assembly rules
Summary 1. Indices quantifying the functional aspect of biodiversity are essential in understanding relationships between biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and environmental constraints. ManyExpand
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A global meta-analysis of the relative extent of intraspecific trait variation in plant communities.
Recent studies have shown that accounting for intraspecific trait variation (ITV) may better address major questions in community ecology. However, a general picture of the relative extent of ITVExpand
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Functional Structure of Biological Communities Predicts Ecosystem Multifunctionality
The accelerating rate of change in biodiversity patterns, mediated by ever increasing human pressures and global warming, demands a better understanding of the relationship between the structure ofExpand
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A guide for using functional diversity indices to reveal changes in assembly processes along ecological gradients
Question Which functional diversity indices have the power to reveal changes in community assembly processes along abiotic stress gradients? Is their power affected by stochastic processes andExpand
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An index of functional diversity
Abstract Functional diversity has been seen as the key to predicting the stability, invasibility, resource capture, nutrient cycling and productivity of communities. However, it has been unclear howExpand
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Towards a consensus for calculating dendrogram-based functional diversity indices
The widely used FD index of functional diversity is based on the construction of a dendrogram. This index has been the subject of a strong debate concerning the choice of the distance and theExpand
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Traits Without Borders: Integrating Functional Diversity Across Scales.
A unified framework for functional diversity measurement based on trait probability density, based on the Hutchinsonian concept of the niche as a probabilistic hypervolume in estimating FD. Expand
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