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An fMRI investigation of the neural correlates underlying the processing of novel metaphoric expressions
The neural networks associated with processing related pairs of words forming literal, novel, and conventional metaphorical expressions and unrelated pairs of words were studied in a group of 15Expand
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The role of the right cerebral hemisphere in processing novel metaphoric expressions taken from poetry: A divided visual field study
Previous research suggests that the right hemisphere (RH) may contribute uniquely to the processing of metaphoric language. However, most studies have focused on familiar metaphoric expressions. TheExpand
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Thinking maps enhance metaphoric competence in children with autism and learning disabilities.
The primary goal of the current study was to examine the ability of children with autism (ASD) and children with learning disabilities (LD) to improve their metaphoric competence by an interventionExpand
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The role of the right hemisphere in processing nonsalient metaphorical meanings: Application of Principal Components Analysis to fMRI data
Some researches indicate that the right hemisphere (RH) has a unique role in comprehending the figurative meaning of metaphors whereas the results of other studies do not support the notion of aExpand
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Hemispheric differences in processing the literal interpretation of idioms: Converging evidence from behavioral and fMRI studies
The present study examined the role of the left (LH) and right (RH) cerebral hemispheres in processing alternative meanings of idiomatic sentences. We conducted two experiments using ambiguous idiomsExpand
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The Role of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere in Processing Novel Metaphoric Expressions: A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Study
We examined the role of the RH in processing novel metaphoric expressions taken from poetry. Expand
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Verbal creativity in autism: comprehension and generation of metaphoric language in high-functioning autism spectrum disorder and typical development
Studies on creativity in participants with autism generally show impoverished performance as well as deficient comprehension of metaphoric language. However, very little is known about the ability toExpand
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Right hemisphere sensitivity to novel metaphoric relations: Application of the signal detection theory
The present study used the signal detection theory to test the hypothesis that the right hemisphere (RH) is more sensitive than the left hemisphere (LH) to the distant semantic relations in novelExpand
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The role of working memory in the comprehension of unfamiliar and familiar metaphors
Abstract Comprehension of unfamiliar metaphors (mercy blanket) is an effortful cognitive process that requires the formation of a novel metaphoric mapping between two disparate domains during whichExpand
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An fMRI study of processing novel metaphoric sentences
Due to inconsistent findings, the role of the two cerebral hemispheres in processing metaphoric language is controversial. The present study examined the possibility that these inconsistent findingsExpand
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