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Changing Teacher Roles in the Foreign-Language Classroom.
This paper examines trends reflecting changes in the role of the classroom foreign language teacher, particularly as these trends affect English-as-a-Second-Language instruction. This study is basedExpand
The Sacrosanct Statistics of the Civil War
17. Ibid., April 10, 18, 21, 25, 29, 30, 1862. 18. Charles Minor Blackford, Letters from Lee’s Army; or, Memoirs of Life in and out of the Army in Virginia during the War Between the States, ed.Expand
General Advice on How to Write a Paper within the RRE MA Programme
How to read this paper, “General advice on how to write a paper”? This is not an official legal document. It gives informal advice at a general level. The Study Plan is the legal document and youExpand
Framing the discourse: co-construction and peer interaction in the foreign language curriculum
The study is an account of the conceptualisation, design, implementation and evaluation of an innovative curriculum in an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) proficiency program i n Japan. The studyExpand
Speech Exchange Systems in the University Additional Language Communication Classroom
The paradoxical problem of the additional language classroom is that the classroom, by its very nature, may not provide the contextual and interactional ingredients that make language use a skillful and relevant enterprise in natural settings. Expand
The Great Exaggeration: Death and the Civil War
What did the U.S. Civil War death tolls mean to those who lived through the war? We are now told that wartime deaths were unprecedented, overwhelming, and constituted one of the fundamentalExpand
Rural Experience and the Development of the Middle Class: The Power of Culture and Tangible Improvements
Northern Americans with rural roots were central to the development of a middle class. In the antebellum era, life in the countryside prepared many for entry into a fluid society. The human productsExpand