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The detection of disease clustering and a generalized regression approach.
  • N. Mantel
  • Mathematics
    Cancer research
  • 1 February 1967
The technic to be given below for imparting statistical validity to the procedures already in vogue can be viewed as a generalized form of regression with possible useful application to problems arising in quite different contexts.
Statistical aspects of the analysis of data from retrospective studies of disease.
The role and limitations of retrospective investigations of factors possibly associated with the occurrence of a disease are discussed and their relationship to forward-type studies emphasized.
Chi-square tests with one degree of freedom
Extensions of application include comparisons of age-adjusted death rates, life-table analyses, comparisons of two sets of quantal dosage-response data, and miscellaneous laboratory applications as appropriate.
Design and analysis of randomized clinical trials requiring prolonged observation of each patient. II. analysis and examples.
Efficient methods of analysis of randomized clinical trials in which the authors wish to compare the duration of survival among different groups of patients are described.
A technique of nonparametric multivariate analysis.
A computing procedure is given for obtainingpermutational expectations and variances so that departure from the permutational distribuLtion can be judged.
Counting the Number of r×c Contingency Tables with Fixed Margins
Abstract Exact and approximate methods are given for counting the number of r × c contingency tables with fixed margins. The approximate methods are extended to estimate the number of r × c × s