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Bearing Capacity of Rough Rigid Strip Footing on Cohesive Soil: Probabilistic Study
A probabilistic study on the bearing capacity of a rough rigid strip footing on a weightless cohesive soil is carried out to assess the influence of randomly distributed undrained shear strength.Expand
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Natural fiber composites are nowadays playing a vital role in automotive and construction industries. Various natural fibers namely, jute, sisal, kenaf, abaca, hemp and banana are widely used inExpand
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Detection of ESBL genes from ciprofloxacin resistant Gram negative bacteria isolated from urinary tract infections (UTIs)
Abstract Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most disregarded diseases in both developing and developed countries and accountable for one fourth of the health care related infections. Even thoughExpand
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Mathematical Model to Predict the Surface Roughness on the Machining of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Glass fiber reinforced polymer composite materials are finding increased applications in many different engineering fields. Accordingly, the need for accurate machining of composites has increasedExpand
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Thermal Properties of Polypropylene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites
This research paper deals with the loading of different wt.% of Montmorillonite (MMT) thermal properties of polypropylene (PP). PP/MMT nanocomposites have been manufactured by melt blending methodExpand
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Experimental analysis of a Diesel Engine fuelled with Biodiesel Blend using Di-ethyl ether as fuel additives
This study investigates the use of di-ethyl ether (DEE) as an oxygenated additive with 20% Karanja methyl ester diesel blend (B20). Experiments were conducted to study the effect of adding 5%, 10%Expand
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Detection of TEM and CTX-M genes from ciprofloxacin resistant Proteus mirabilis and Escherichia coli isolated on urinary tract infections (UTIs).
The multidrug resistant Gram negative bacteria (MDRGNB) is an emerging burden and now represents a daily challenge for the management of antimicrobial therapy in healthcare settings. The presentExpand
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Molecular identification and structural characterization of marine endophytic actinomycetes Nocardiopsis sp. GRG 2 (KT 235641) and its antibacterial efficacy against isolated ESBL producing bacteria.
The present study was designed to identify the potential bioactive compound from endophytic actinomycetes (EA) Nocardiopsis sp. GRG 2 (KT 235641) against selected extended spectrum beta lactamaseExpand
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Antibacterial Effect of Endophytic Actinomycetes from Marine Algae against Multi Drug Resistant Gram Negative Bacteria
The discovery of new broad spectrum antibiotics is urgent need to combat frequently emerging multi drug resistant pathogens (MDR). Actinomycetes, the most important group of microorganisms isolatedExpand
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Biologically synthesized copper oxide nanoparticles enhanced intracellular damage in ciprofloxacin resistant ESBL producing bacteria.
Copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO NPs) were synthesized biologically using leaf extract of Camilla japonica. The typical UV-visible spectral peak of CuO NPs was observed at a wavelength of ∼290 nm,Expand
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