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Tables for Obtaining Weibull Confidence Bounds and Tolerance Bounds Based on Best Linear Invariant Estimates of Parameters of the Extreme-Value Distribution
Tables are given for obtaining confidence bounds for the two parameters and the 90th, 95th, and 99th percentiles of the two-parameter Weibull or extreme-value distribut.ions. The tables are based onExpand
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Optimum Estimators for Linear Functions of Location and Scale Parameters
0. Summary. In this paper, loss is taken to be proportional to squared error with the constant of proportionality equal to the square of the inverse of a scale parameter, and an invariant estimatorExpand
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On Constructing Prediction Intervals for Samples from a Weibull or Extreme Value Distribution
Assume that a (possibly censored) sample is available from a population having a Weibull or extreme value distribution, and that a single future observation is to be obtained from the sameExpand
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One-Sided Prediction Intervals for at Least p Out of m Future Observations from a Normal Population
Tables of factors are provided for constructing prediction intervals to contain at least p = m – l future observations from a normal distribution; the simplified new procedure for obtaining theseExpand
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Point and Interval Estimation Procedures for the Two-Parameter Weibull and Extreme-Value Distributions
Point estimators of parameters of the first asymptotic distribution of smallest (extreme) values, or, the extreme-value distribution, are surveyed and compared. Those investigated areExpand
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On evaluation of warranty assurance when life has a Weibull distribution
Abstract : A two parameter Weibull model with neither parameter known is assumed for failure time. A value is specified for the probability that no failures, in a lot of identically distributedExpand
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Best Linear Invariant Estimation for Weibull Parameters Under Progressive Censoring
Best linear invariant estimators of log reliable life are derived for a model in which failure times have a two-parameter Weibull distribution and removal of some surviving items from life test isExpand
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A men goodness-of-fit test for the two-parameter wetbull or extreme-value distribution with unknown parameters
A new test of fit to the two-parameter Weibull or extreme-value distribution with unknown parameters is developed in this paper. This test is known to have desirable power properties, relative toExpand
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Warranty Periods Based on Three Ordered Sample Observations From a Weibull Population
Further investigation is made of the method derived in [7] for calculating, from Weibull failure data, warranty periods for lots to be manufactured in the future. A tabulation is given of warrantyExpand
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