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Study of the performance of a transparent and reconfigurable metropolitan area network
The transport performance of an optically transparent regional-size ring network testbed with circumference of 280 km, based on metro-area optimized optical layer components and fiber, isExpand
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Analytical model, analysis and parameter optimization of a super linear electro-optic modulator (SFDR > 130 dB)
Abstract An analytical model of a super linear optical modulator with high spurious-free-dynamic-range (SFDR > 130 dB) is presented and analyzed. The linear modulator is referred to as IMPACC whichExpand
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Effect of Ring Resonator Waveguide Loss on SFDR Performance of Highly Linear Optical Modulators Under Suboctave Operation
We investigate the effect of ring resonator (RR) waveguide loss on the spurious-free-dynamic-range (SFDR) performance of two types of highly linear, resonator-enhanced optical modulators, namely, 1)Expand
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Optical fiber long-period grating humidity sensor with poly(ethylene oxide)/cobalt chloride coating.
A long-period fiber grating (LPFG) humidity sensor is reported utilizing poly(ethylene oxide)/cobalt chloride (PEO/CoCl2) as a hybrid hygrosensitive cladding coating. A thin overlay of the materialExpand
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Performance engineering and topological design of metro WDM optical networks using computer simulation
This paper demonstrates the use of computer simulation for topological design and performance engineering of transparent wavelength-division multiplexing metropolitan-area networks. Expand
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Adaptive High Linearity Intensity Modulator for Advanced Microwave Photonic Links
This chapter, first, presents the motivation behind the need for adaptive, highly linear electro-optic modulators and an overview of the different optical linearization approaches of electro-opticExpand
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Metro network architecture scenarios, equipment requirements and implications for carriers
Metropolitan network traffic demands are used to project network topology and element characteristics assuming several different market penetrations for existing (ILEC) and new (CLEC) carriers.
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Fully Integrated NxN MEMS Wavelength Selective Switch with 100% Colorless Add-Drop Ports
A high density wavelength selective switch based on the integration of array waveguide grating and MEMS technology is reported. We demonstrate a fully integrated wavelength reconfigurable opticalExpand
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Extending the Gain Bandwidth of Combined Raman-Parametric Fiber Amplifiers Using Highly Nonlinear Fiber
The authors demonstrate extended flat gain bandwidth by combining Raman and parametric processes. The increase in bandwidth is accomplished by extending the Raman gain region to the longer wavelengthExpand
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Nonlinear optical detections of structural distortions at degraded Fe-doped SrTiO3 interfaces
Abstract We investigate structural deformations at the interfaces of degraded Fe-doped SrTiO3 (Fe:STO) single crystals in both oxidized and reduced forms by using optical second harmonic generationExpand
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