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Euclidean Distance Geometry and Applications
The theory of Euclidean distance geometry and its most important applications are surveyed, with special emphasis on molecular conformation problems. Expand
The discretizable molecular distance geometry problem
It is shown that under a few assumptions usually satisfied in proteins, the MDGP can be formulated as a search in a discrete space and the DMDGP is NP-hard and a solution algorithm called Branch-and-Prune (BP) is proposed. Expand
Strong bounds with cut and column generation for class-teacher timetabling
This work presents an integer programming formulation for a variant of the Class-Teacher Timetabling problem, which considers the satisfaction of teacher preferences and also the proper distribution of lessons throughout the week and proves the optimality of previously known solutions in three formerly open instances. Expand
A speed and departure time optimization algorithm for the pollution-routing problem
A new speed and departure time optimization algorithm for the pollution-routing problem (PRP), which runs in quadratic time and returns an optimal schedule and some routes that were evaluated as unprofitable can now appear as viable candidates later in the day. Expand
The Steiner Problem in Graphs
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews formulations and some procedures that have been suggested for the solution of the Steiner Problem in graphs. It presents the definition and results associatedExpand
Towards the Optimal Solution of the Multiprocessor Scheduling Problem with Communication Delays
We consider the Multiprocessor Scheduling Problem with Communication Delays, where the delay is proportional to both the amount of exchanged data between pairs of dependent tasks and the distanceExpand
A Branch-and-Prune algorithm for the Molecular Distance Geometry Problem
A Branch-and-Prune algorithm is proposed for the solution of the Molecular Distance Geometry Problem, showing that under an additional requirement on the given distances this can be transformed to a combinatorial problem. Expand
Distance Geometry: Theory, Methods, and Applications
This paper presents an Overview on Protein Structure Determintion by NMR - Historical and Future Perspectives of the Use of Distance Geometry Methods, and some of their applications in Molecular Modeling. Expand
A relax-and-cut algorithm for the prize-collecting Steiner problem in graphs
A Lagrangian Non Delayed Relax and Cut (NDRC) algorithm is used to generate primal and dual bounds to the PCSPG problem and is capable of adequately dealing with the exponentially many candidate inequalities to dualize. Expand
The volume algorithm revisited: relation with bundle methods
The Volume Algorithm for linear programming is revised and a precise measure for the improvement needed to declare a green or serious step is introduced, which yields a revised formulation that is halfway between VA and a specific bundle method, that is called BVA. Expand