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Coordination of arm movement during locomotion in ophiurans
During movement of the ophiuranAmphipholis kochii Lutken, any one of its arms can point forward and, consequently, any arm can perform different functions. Expand
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Types of locomotion in ophiurans
Motion pictures were taken of the locomotion of two species of ophiurans living in the Sea of Japan:Ophiura sarsi vadicoa Djakonov andAmphipholis kochii Lutken.Ophiura sarsi was found to move withExpand
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Coordination of movements of the tube feet and arms of ophiurans during locomotion
The role of the tube feet in locomotion of the ophiuranAmphipholis kochii Lütken is examined. Expand
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[Coordination of arm movement during locomotion in Ophiuroidea].
Ophiura Amphipholis kochii Lütken can move with any one of five arms directed forwards; therefore, each arm performs various functions during locomotion. The arm amputated together with the adjoiningExpand
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[Turning over in the ophiuroid Amphipholis kochii].
The reaction of turning over in the ophiuroid A. kochii Lütken begins when the ambulacral legs are detached from the substrate. At the bottom, when aboral side of the animal touches the substrate,Expand
[Pathophysiologic and morphologic changes in the central nervous system following long-term haloperidol administration].
Experiments on animals demonstrated that a 3,6 and 9 month long administration of haloperidol evokes in the somatosensor zone of the cortex and subcortical nodes of rats some morphofunctional changesExpand
Absorption oil from prospective crudes
Absorption oil is used in the coal-tar chemical industry in benzene production to extract derivatives of benzene and naphthalene from coke-oven gas. This paper reports the investigation of variousExpand