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Altered expression of tight junction proteins in mammary epithelium after discontinued suckling in mice
Milk production is modulated by the paracellular barrier function of tight junction (TJ) proteins located in the mammary epithelium. The aim of our study was the molecular analysis of TJs in nativeExpand
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Comparative analysis of theophylline and cholera toxin in rat colon reveals an induction of sealing tight junction proteins
Claudin tight junction proteins have been identified to primarily determine intestinal epithelial barrier properties. While functional contribution of single claudins has been characterized inExpand
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Increased paracellular permeability of tumor-adjacent areas in 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced colon carcinogenesis in rats
Objective: The morphology and functions of the proximal and distal large intestine are not the same. The incidence of colorectal cancer in these regions is also different, as tumors more often appearExpand
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Claudin expression in follicle‐associated epithelium of rat Peyer's patches defines a major restriction of the paracellular pathway
Members of the tight junction protein family of claudins have been demonstrated to specifically determine paracellular permeability of the intestinal epithelium. In small intestinal mucosa, which isExpand
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Cholera toxin perturbs the paracellular barrier in the small intestinal epithelium of rats by affecting claudin-2 and tricellulin
Cholera toxin is commonly known to induce chloride secretion of the intestine. In recent years, effects on epithelial barrier function have been reported, indicating synergistic co-regulation ofExpand
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Argyrophilic Proteins of Nucleolar Organizer Regions and Proliferative Activity of Cells in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung
Argyrophilic proteins associated with nucleolar organizer regions (Ag-NOR proteins) and Ki-67 antigen were analyzed in 118 samples of squamous cell carcinoma of the lungs. Tumors with low and highExpand
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Accumulation of milk increases the width of tight junctions in the epithelium of mouse mammary alveoli
The study of the molecular mechanisms of maintaining the integrity of the epithelium during mechanical stress remains a relevant problem in the physiology of tissue barriers. A methodical approachExpand
Electrophysiological Parameters of Different Regions of the Rat Peritoneum
The peritoneum lines the abdominal cavity, covering and supporting the abdominal organs. The layer of mesothelial cells provides a functional barrier and allows vectorial transport between serousExpand