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Marinobacter excellens sp. nov., isolated from sediments of the Sea of Japan.
Five strains of halophilic, Gram-negative marine bacteria isolated from sediments collected from Chazhma Bay, Sea of Japan showed that the bacteria constituted a novel species of the genus Marinobacter. Expand
Sulfitobacter delicatus sp. nov. and Sulfitobacter dubius sp. nov., respectively from a starfish (Stellaster equestris) and sea grass (Zostera marina).
Two novel species belonging to the genus Sulfitobacter are described, which have the ability to degrade gelatin, but not casein, chitin, agar, DNA, Tween 80 or starch and are marine, Gram-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped organisms. Expand
Loktanella agnita sp. nov. and Loktanella rosea sp. nov., from the north-west Pacific Ocean.
One whitish and four pinkish strains of Gram-negative, non-motile, aerobic bacteria were isolated from sea-water and sediment samples collected in Chazhma Bay and analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that these strains belonged to the 'Alphaproteobacteria', having highest sequence similarity with species of the genus Loktanella. Expand
Shewanella japonica sp. nov.
Phylogenetic evidence, together with phenotypic characteristics, showed that the two isolates studied constitute a novel species of the genus Shewanella, and the name Shewanela japonica is proposed. Expand
Shewanella pacifica sp. nov., a polyunsaturated fatty acid-producing bacterium isolated from sea water.
The phylogenetic, genetic and physiological properties of the six strains placed them within a novel species, Shewanella pacifica sp. Expand
Characterization of Pseudoalteromonas distincta-like sea-water isolates and description of Pseudoalteromonas aliena sp. nov.
The phylogenetic, genetic and physiological properties of the seven strains placed them within a novel species, Pseudoalteromonas aliena sp. Expand
Alteromonas addita sp. nov.
On the basis of phenotypic, genotypic characteristics and analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences, a novel species belonging to the genus Alteromonas is described. A non-pigmented, motile, Gram-negativeExpand
Characterization of Bacillus strains of marine origin.
A total of twenty aerobic endospore-forming bacilli, isolated from marine invertebrates and sea water of different areas of the Pacific Ocean, were taxonomically characterized, according to their phenotypic characteristics, antibiotic susceptibility profiles, and fatty acids patterns. Expand
Winogradskyella exilis sp. nov., isolated from the starfish Stellaster equestris, and emended description of the genus Winogradskyella.
It is proposed that strain 022-2-26(T) represents a novel species, Winogradskyella exilis sp. Expand
Evaluation of Phospholipid and Fatty Acid Compositions as Chemotaxonomic Markers of Alteromonas-Like Proteobacteria
Bacteria of the genera Marinomonas, Idiomarina, and Glaciecola were clearly distinguished by presence of one of the major FAs, and the amounts of these FAs reached up to 40–60% of total FAs. Expand