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Science in Russia and the Soviet Union: A Short History
Preface Illustrations Introduction Part I. The Tsarist Period: 1. Russian science before 1800 2. Science in nineteenth-century Russia 3. Russian intellectuals and Darwinism Part II. Russian Science
Alexander Butlerov and the Professionalization of Science in Russia
7lIhe Great Reform Era during the reign of Alexander 11 (1855-81) produced significant changes throughout Russian society, including the emancipation of the serfs, military reforms, judicial reforms,
Russian chemistry in the 1850s: A failed attempt at institutionalization
Summary This paper examines the efforts of two young Russian chemists during the late 1850s and early 1860s to establish a professional chemistry journal and a public laboratory for chemistry
Chapter 13:RUSSIA: The Formation of the Russian Chemical Society and Its History until 1914
The Russian Chemical Society (Russkoe Khimicheskoe Obshchestvo, RKhO) was first organized in 1868 by a group of young research-oriented chemists in St. Petersburg. Some of the organizers of the
Dmitri Mendeleev’s Concept of the Chemical Elements Prior to the Periodic Law
This article examines the scientific work of Dmitri Mendeleev in the years prior to his discovery of the periodic law in 1869, paying special attention to how he addressed the issues of the concept