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Trust and Power
Familiarity, Confidence, Trust: Problems and Alternatives
Trust has never been a topic of mainstream sociology. Neither classical authors nor modern sociologists use the term in a theoretical context. For this reason the elaboration of theoretical
Essays On Self-Reference
Trust: Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations
An apparatus for freezing boiled rice has an internally bladed drum rotated at low speed and housing a bladed shaft rotated at a higher speed, the drum having covers at its inlet and outlet ends. A
Risk: A Sociological Theory
A great deal of attention has been devoted to risk research. Sociologists in general have limited themselves to varying recognitions of a society at risk and have traced out the paths to disaster.
Differentiation of society
This approach makes it possible to analyse different types of differentiation within a common conceptual framework, and to elaborate on internal problems of differentiated societies, basing the autonomy of subsystems on the multiplication of system references for functional orientation, performance, and reflexion.
Art as a Social System
Through an interdisciplinary approach, Luhmann clarifies the context and contingency of art while elaborating his theory of society. Returning to 18th century aesthetics, the author argues that art
Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy
In this important book Niklas Luhmann - one of the leading social thinkers of the late 20th century - analyses the emergence of 'love' as the basis of personal relationships in modern societies. He
System as Difference
This is an edited and translated transcript of a lecture by Niklas Luhmann in which he outlined the foundation of his systems theory based on the notion of difference and distinction. After a brief