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Complex variables: introduction and applications (2nd edn), by M. J. Ablowitz and A. S. Fokas. Pp. 647. £18.95. 2003. ISBN 0 521 53429 1 (Cambridge University Press).
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    The Mathematical Gazette
  • 1 July 2004
needed to make Dirichlet's principle watertight: that the solution of Laplace's equation with given boundary values 'ought' to be the one which minimises j |grad u (x)\ dx. Jost fleshes out the
Differentiable Manifolds; A First Course
This text is based on the full-year PhD qualifying course on differentiable manifolds, global calculus, differential geometry and related topics, given by the author at Washington University. It
Representation of the Swedish transport and logistics system : (Logistics Model Version 2.00)
The aggregate-disaggregate-aggregate freight models that have been developed in Norway and Sweden take into account the logistic decisions at firm level. The Swedish model is documented in i.e. the