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The invention of Athens : the funeral oration in the classical city
How does the funeral oration relate to democracy in ancient Greece? How did the death of an individual citizen-soldier become the occasion to praise the city of Athens? In The Invention of Athens,Expand
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Tragic ways of killing a woman
In ordinary life an Athenian woman was allowed no accomplishments beyond leading a quiet and exemplary existence as wife and mother. Her glory was to have no glory. In Greek tragedy, however, womenExpand
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The Children of Athena: Athenian Ideas About Citizenship and the Division Between the Sexes
According to one myth, the first Athenian citizen was born from the earth after the sperm of a rejected lover, the god Hephaistos, dripped off the virgin goddess Athena's leg and onto fertile soil.Expand
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Born of the Earth: Myth and Politics in Athens
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The Experiences of Tiresias
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The Experiences of Tiresias: The Feminine and the Greek Man
Nicole Loraux has devoted much of her writing to charting the paths of the Greek "imaginary," revealing a collective masculine psyche fraught with ambivalence as it tries to grasp the differencesExpand
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