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The Academic Ranking of World Universities.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University1 has published on the Internet an Academic Ranking of World Universities that has attracted worldwide attention. Institutions are ranked according to academic orExpand
Academic ranking of world universities using scientometrics  - A comment to the “Fatal Attraction”
SummaryThe Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University published on the web the Academic Ranking of World Universities and attracted wide attentions worldwide. 60% of their criteriaExpand
The world-class university and ranking : aiming beyond status
The authors of more than twenty essays, themselves academic leaders and internationally acclaimed researchers on higher education, provide readers with diverse perspectives on the conceptualExpand
The Story of Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • N. Liu
  • Political Science
  • 25 March 2015
Conceived as a project to benchmark Chinese Universities, the Academic Ranking of World Universities ranks 1,200 institutions world wide. As international interest in rankings increases, effortsExpand
Academic Ranking of World Universities by Broad Subject Fields
Upon numerous requests to provide ranking of world universities by broad subject fields/schools/colleges and by subject fields/programs/departments, the authors present the ranking methodologies andExpand
Building World-Class Universities: Different Approaches to a Shared Goal
Within higher education, world-class universities are commonly regarded as elite research universities and play a critical role in developing a nation’s competitiveness in the global knowledgeExpand
Comparison of the effect of mean-based method and z-score for field normalization of citations at the level of Web of Science subject categories
The results show that both m-score and z-score have remarkable normalization effect as compared with raw citations, but neither of them can realize the ideal goal of “universality of citation distributions”. Expand
University Rankings in China
Since the mid 1990s of last Century, university rankings have become very popular in China. Six institutions have published such rankings; some of them have also detailed their ranking methodologies.Expand
Rankings and Accountability in Higher Education : Uses and Misuses
University Rankings: The Many Sides of the Debate / Marope, Mmantsetsa; Wells, Peter -- The Academic Ranking of World Universities and its future direction / Liu, Nian Cai An evolving methodology:Expand