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A neuron-benign microfluidic gradient generator for studying the response of mammalian neurons towards axon guidance factors w z
Investigation of biochemical cues in isolation or in combinations in cell culture systems is crucial for unraveling the mechanisms that govern neural development and repair. The most widely usedExpand
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Biology on a chip: microfabrication for studying the behavior of cultured cells.
The ability to culture cells in vitro has revolutionized hypothesis testing in basic cell and molecular biology research and has become a standard methodology in drug screening and toxicology assays.Expand
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IonFlux: a microfluidic patch clamp system evaluated with human Ether-à-go-go related gene channel physiology and pharmacology.
Ion channel assays are essential in drug discovery, not only for identifying promising new clinical compounds, but also for minimizing the likelihood of potential side effects. Both applicationsExpand
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Integration of topographical and biochemical cues by axons during growth on microfabricated 3-D substrates.
  • N. Li, A. Folch
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  • 10 December 2005
During embryonic neural development, axon tips ("growth cones") are guided through a dynamic three-dimensional (3-D) landscape by soluble chemotropic factors and by immobilized, growth-permissive orExpand
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Ion channel pharmacology under flow: automation via well-plate microfluidics.
Automated patch clamping addresses the need for high-throughput screening of chemical entities that alter ion channel function. As a result, there is considerable utility in the pharmaceuticalExpand
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A neuron-benign microfluidic gradient generator for studying the growth of mammalian neurons towards axon guidance factors
The precise wiring of the nervous system is made possible by a complex navigation map created by attractive and repulsive biochemical cues, which guide the axons to their final targets. In order toExpand
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Localized acetylcholine receptor clustering dynamics in response to microfluidic focal stimulation with agrin.
Agrin is a proteoglycan secreted by the motor neuron's growing axon terminal upon contact with the muscle during embryonic development. It was long thought that agrin's role was to trigger theExpand
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Parallel mixing of photolithographically defined nanoliter volumes using elastomeric microvalve arrays
Portable microfluidic systems provide simple and effective solutions for low‐cost point‐of‐care diagnostics and high‐throughput biomedical assays. Robust flow control and precise fluidic volumes areExpand
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Automated identification of axonal growth cones in time-lapse image sequences
The isolation and purification of axon guidance molecules has enabled in vitro studies of the effects of axon guidance molecule gradients on numerous neuronal cell types. In a typical experiment,Expand
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Ionflux: A Microfluidic Approach to Ensemble Recording and Block of Whole-Cell Current from Voltage-Gated Ion Channels
Automated patch clamp (APC) addresses a need for high throughput screening of chemical entities altering ion channel function. Systems that can produce pharmacologically relevant data rapidly andExpand
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